La Caída

Between fiction-reality and a relational action, the fall of the equestrian statue of the dictator Somoza García, ousted in 1979, was recreated. With this action, diverse emotions and reflexions (parallels) emerged in response to current symbols of power. I am interested in cases where monuments are built for eternity (yet they could fall at any moment, or simply pass entirely unnoticed). Monuments can function as a kind of symbolic measurement, denoting that all power can become ephemeral, or be subject to change.

 The Fall is an encounter with history over the negation of a symbol of power. I wanted to live the experience of a taking down of power, or to become a part of the same history. I used art to situate myself in another time-place where I recreated new experiences for myself, as well as for the other witnesses who perceived it in between hallucination and memory.

The remains, the archive, memory, are reflexions of the post-war, and are kept as sacred elements where a trilogy of action-memory-object is reconstituted.

la caída alejandro de la guerraalejandro de la guerra la caidacaballo la caida alejandro


Juegos de guerra en loop

X Biennial of Art in Central America «Todos las vidas», Costa Rica, 2016. Curator Tamara Díaz includes the play Juegos de guerra en loop, by the Nicaraguan artist Alejandro de la Guerra, with a mention: […] «una carousel «with a single rider; a point to fall, in each revolution of the carousel, the rider beaten, his head against a column, game, fair attraction or decoration, the carousel also metaphorizes history as repetition. of Marx on the repetition of history: first as a tragedy, then as a farce «.


14285249_10209224143472081_662889790_oCarrousel gente 2


La Piñata 

After the defeat of the Frente Sandinista in the elections of 1990, there was a repartition of public goods, which was called “La piñata”. I rebuilt based on an equestrian a piñata and I broke it in front of a blindfolded audience.

La piñata - FotoLa piñata - Fragmento


La Batalla de los cuarzos

With precious stones (quartz) and a slingshot I shoot the statue of Andres Castro. The quartz is a stone of spiritual healing, used to cleanse and purity the atmosphere. Andres Castro is the national creole hero of the national independence of Nicaragua, it is told that when he didn’t have any weapons or ammunitions, with courage and stones he killed a filibuster with a single stone.





Malabarismo Monumental

I make interventions to monuments with my body, to resignify the meaning of this historical characters. I introduce myself in their history to create my own.

alejandro de la guerra-mordida herótica sobre simon bolivar

mascara ché sobre martí


cronista de indias

montoya pb





piel cuero

máscara cactus